why did the iPad go out of style?

When the iPad was first introduced by Steve Jobs in 2010, it was revolutionary. At the time, smartphones, while commonplace, were tiny and clumsy. The iPad filled a gap in the tech market at the time an alternative to carrying a full computer around everywhere or relying on tiny smartphone screens. However, by 2016 iPad sales plummeted and in 2018, the iPad is in danger of becoming obsolete technology. Smart tablets are available nearly everywhere now are marketed at different demographics. Tablets for students. Tablets for businesspeople. Tablets for children. Tablets for home use. The iPad just is not measuring up anymore to advancing tablet technology. Why?

Most smart tablets released now are a part of a computer-tablet hybrid line. These tablet hybrids have the software of a computer but have the look and feel and portability of a tablet. Accessories can be added and taken away for functionality. Non-Apple tablets, on the whole, are able to run full programs and processes.

The iPad cannot run programs other than iPad specific apps. Eight years ago, this was not a problem. The iPad was not an alternative to having a computer, but a sidekick. The iPad was intended to do what phones couldn’t do at the time: stream videos, edit photos, and host tech apps. For 2010, the iPad was a needed launch. In 2018, it seems unnecessary. Without the ability to run full programs, the iPad does not offer much for the businessperson or student. Certain Windows apps are available on the iPad but are extremely clumsy to use. Current iPad owners can update their software but are unlikely to purchase a new iPad.

As a tablet, the iPad is good for apps. It works fine for apps. It is the tablet of choice for many households, especially those with children as the iPad is easy to use and has plenty of children’s apps available. For serious gamers, though, the iPad holds little merit. Most games would have to be reconfigured to fit the specifications. Apple products have been mostly absent from the video game world, apart from mobile available games. Serious gamers are unlikely to purchase an iPad for the purpose of gaming if they already own a compatible system and games.

The iPad is comparatively more expensive than other tablets, with the proline starting at $599. Hybrid tablets run near the same price but are able to do twice as much work. For a new iPad to sell well, it would need to offer something brand new to the market. Apple has yet to produce a full touchscreen laptop, something other companies have been producing for a few years now. A hybrid iPad from Apple would not necessarily sell well. It would not be a new product. A competitively priced, hybrid iPad might do well—but only if there was a demand for it. In 2016, Apple’s mini iPad outsold the standard size iPad, most likely due to the price difference. Cutting the price from standard iPads could bring in additional sales as well.

While not yet obsolete, the iPad is inching its way to oblivion. Apple will need to be creative with its next iPad release. Many artists rely on the iPad as their digital drawing tablet of choice. Apple fans have been asking for new iPad products. There is interest. Smart tablets are doing incredibly well outside of the Apple market. If Apple can take the iPad and make it revolutionary again, it places will not be lost.

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