The Top 5 Restaurants In The World To Eat At

Think about food day and night. You consider yourself a gourmet. There is nothing like for you. You could a whole plate of a lot of goodies all the time. In short you live for food. You have sampled many different cuisines across the world. You are actually the best judge of which restaurants are the best in the whole world. So, here is a list of the top five jobs across the world—

Noma, (Copenhagen, Denmark).

For three years Time Magazine voted this Danish landmark the best restaurant in the whole world. If you a fan of Nordic delicacies Noma is where you should go to.

First a word about the location of this place that Danes swear by. Quite uniquely this can be seen in a old warehouse where whales used to be kept. That’s true. Another inimitable aspect about the place is that the ingredients used to cook the food are from the region.

If you like experimenting with your food then you are in luck. A sea buckthorn is a dish. It does sound tasty. Let’s say you have always wanted deer meat. On menu there is something known as reindeer lichen.

Celler de Can Roca, Girona, Spain.

A famous Spanish restaurant owned by three brothers– chef Joan, sommelier Josep, and pastry chef Jordi. These three brothers have learnt their craft from their parents. It is one the most regal places in Europe to dine in.

When it comes to the food it is just to die for. That they are rated so highly is not surprising at all. If this is your first trip to Europe and you have read and heard about European food then begin your trip at Celler de Can Roca.

Some of the names of their dishes would amuse any customer. Soak in a starter called Eat the World where the cuisines from five different parts of the world can sit firmly in your mouth. If you are a football fan there’s Messi’s Goal. What you see here is a dish which features a pitch made out of candy with white chocolate balls. Some lucky guests are taken to a cellar.

Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy

In you like art and food this is the place for you. Abstract paintings from today and excellent food makes for a great combination.

One of their standout features are the mortadella sandwich. A succulent piece of meat can be seen in the form of sausage. If you like mousse then this place is perfect for you. Any Magnum fans would be overjoyed here. A must-see in this lovely town of Italy.

Eleven Madison Park, New York, USA.

One of New York city’s bright spots. The chef Daniel Humm, from Switzerland combines lots of great cuisines from Europe and the charm of New York and brings it out here.

They are pretty inventive as they serve a sturgeon with a bagel and guess what it tastes wonderful. If you are in the US make it a point to go here.

Dinner. London, England.

This can be seen in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in London. It has been dubbed as the United Kingdom’s best restaurant. Try the Salamugundy here.

Dining out is always a pleasure. In these five restaurants it is a must-have experience.

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