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The 5 best places to travel in the world

unique and memorable travel experience is the most ideal way to spend the holidays and other special occasions. Depending on the available time or budget, there are many decent options to consider. Be it pristine sandy beaches or a backpacking mountain experience, here are The 5 Best Places to Travel.

Eiffel Tower, France


France is truly a magical place known for its cuisine, art and magnificence. The Eiffel tower is its most distinguished structure and the tallest. It was built in 1889 and goes over 1000 feet up making it an ideal spot to view the City in all its glam. It remains the most visited paid tourist attraction in the whole world. A streamlined transport network allows easy access to and fro the venue. If heights are a major issue, it may be best to consider other alternatives other than scaling the summit.

Karnak Temple complex, Egypt


Major attractions such as The Sphinx, Pyramids of Giza and the Temple of Amun are all located in this complex. Explore Africa’s heritage as one of the cradles of civilization with impressive architectural and cultural endowment that is recognized the world over. The journey to Luxor where the site is located is bedecked with amazing scenery which will definitely capture the imagination to the spectacular adventure. Relive the ancient days of glory by visiting this amazing world wonder that never ceases to amaze.

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil


Rio is definitely among Brazil’s top exports to the world. An understated yet bizarre attraction is its lush rainforest better known as the Amazon. Home to the world’s largest and complex biodiversity reserve, it offers miles of unperturbed nature trails with amazing sights. Fauna and flora is simply eye candy paradise especially for nature lovers and backpack enthusiasts. It is advisable to travel prepared with all the essentials of the outdoors such as bug repellent.

Tortuga Bay, Galapagos


The setting is of clean fairly isolated sandy beach with lush greenery along the beach. Marine life, birds and a host of the legendary iguanas bring the talcum powder grade sand beach to life. While many of the worlds’ best beaches are frequented with hordes of tourists that flock the area, this is a much welcome exception that gives any eager explorer peace of mind with its tranquility.

Okavango Delta, Namibia


With the title of the world’s largest inland delta, this is definitely a worthwhile consideration. Uganda’s highland water channels fan out into a beautiful swamp complex that covers a large area in Kalahari Desert plains in Botswana. Much of this habitat remains free from human encroachment hence encouraging the myriad of island, lakes, channels and lagoons to provide a unique ecosystem for wildlife. The combination of scenery, wildlife and land forms is somewhat the material that a fantasy consists of.

When it comes to having a great time with loads of photo friendly moments to choose from, these places a good bet that any globe trotter will be especially pleased to explore first hand. Every great adventure has to begin at least with some idea of the available options.