Summarizing the Political Divide in the United States

America is on of the largest continents in the world and it becomes a very difficult task managing such a mammoth country as any decision that are made affect a lot people thus it is important that such decisions are made which are for the collective good. In such a mammoth country it is important that the decision makers are knowledgeable and they should understand the common problems that the public faces. Barack Obama was the last president of America and his span lasted for more than a decade, an able leader and he was a visionary. Since in America the most important personality is the president, America has had 45 presidents throughout its course of history. Donald J Trump is the current president of America and it is not wrong to say that some of his decisions have been widely criticized. Would it be correct to say that his decisions have created a political divide in the country?.

After starting his president ship on January 20,2017 he has made several decisions that have gained a lot of media attention and criticisms. A recent poll showed that almost 86%Americans believe that the country is suffering a political divide which could subdue anytime. This number was only a 46% when Barack Obama was the president but that number skyrocketed after appointment of Donald Trump as the president.He has made various decisions that have outraged the critics and many believe that if these decisions are continued to be taken America would soon be under a war and the president will be responsible for the same. Some of his decisions have earned a lot of criticism. Some of his most criticized decisions were when he gave her daughter her own office in the white house with security clearance which is not allowed for any white house official. He accused his predecessor Barack Obama for wire tapping his phone lines which was criticized by many. He defamed a US intelligence ally just to prevent his infallibility of his tweets. Instead of hosting the Japanese prime minister to the white house he had his nuclear strategy session in his private house since such houses cost millions of dollars for the public it was quite criticized by everyone. He also alleged the media to be the enemy to American people this comment was a subject of quite a lot criticism. He signed an international executive order that would prevent America for from following the strict rules regarding renewable energy sources. One of his other criticized step was when he allowed his senior advisor to criticize about CNN’s political coverage.

Since his appointment as the president of the nation president Trump has taken various decisions that have attracted a lot of criticisms and comments. It is highly feared that if such decisions are continued then he would wage a third world war with other countries. His popularity has decreased a lot because of such decisions and has undoubtedly created an a political divide between the population. It is healthy to have contradicting views in a country but only if it stays in a limit. If such decisions continue to be taken then it can be assured that the future of America is not in safe hands

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