Net Neutrality: Is this a slippery slope

Net Neutrality is a huge topic these days. By definition it means: governments could mandate internet service providers irregardless of the content. It would be allowed to monitor ALL data from the internet. Deciding whether or not it is fit for the public.It would not discriminate between web-sites, content or any other facet of the web.

For instance, internet service providers could not charge for specific services, specific devices (iPhone/iPad) or intentionally block “tailored ads” for specific devices. The term “Net Neutrality” was coined by Tim Wu in 2003, a Columbia University Law professor.

Research suggests that a combination of “policy instruments” will help resolve the varied politics of the user. Because of the backlash by certain groups, this has all brought about the federal, state and local level governments to “police” and “regulate” broadband internet services as they would any public utility. Right? Or Wrong? In my opinion, Once the government starts even the most minute spot of censorship, then they will most certainly start “poking around” in other areas of our lives. I truly believe that everything that we do should not be monitored. The problem with this “Net Neutrality” ideal, is that EVERYONE has their own personal thoughts on Race, religion, sex, politics, etc. So what are we going to do next?

If everyone is “oh-so offended by what the other “thinks”, “feels” or “says” then perhaps “policing” the net is not the solution. Perhaps we should start with “policing” ourselves”. This society is so “hell-bent” on disagreeing with each other and dramatic “flare-ups” that we are opening a door for the government to step in and start treating us as immature children.

If this continues, then what part of our lives would actually be our’s? The whole “Ideal” of Net Neutrality is ridiculous. And the “Powers that Be” know that. It’s just another way to get all of us “up in arms” and bickering with each other. All the while they slip into another “forum” that’s all about taking over our lives. The government uses situation’s such as this too get more “involved” with the aspect’s of our daily lives. It is in essence a form of “subliminal control”.

In April of 2015, the FCC issued it’s “Open Internet Order. This order in effect meant the reclassification of the web. It became an “Information Service”. Guess what that made our internet? Yep, if you guessed a “Public Utility” than you guessed right on the money! Slick trick I think. And as we all know, if it has to do with the public interest’s, it must be properly monitored. On December, 14 of 2017, the act was partially overturned by Chairman Ajit Pai. If you ask me, the whole thing “reeks’ of stupidity. In all actuality folks, this bill is only there for one intention…to keep you under the constant watchful eye of our Government.

And to make HUGE amounts of cold, hard cash for the big companies that “OWN” these internet resources that we use everyday. This bill only stands in the way of Entrepreneurs. and helps keep an eye on us and what we do with our OWN lives on the “Net”. We should make sure that President Trump stand’s by our right’s as Americans, and our right to have Freedoms such as the internet without the constant “Parenting” of the government that is only making corporations more money keeping this policy in effect.

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