Is Artificial Intelligence taking over Jobs an Overblown issue?

How does Technology Change the Employment Scenario?

Technology is in constantly developing. As a matter of fact, is this constant changing in technology which makes societies advance. And as much as technology develops, as much as the job outlook changes.

People’s fears about technology taking over their jobs and putting an end to certain industries are nothing new. It reached a new stage in the 19th century when the industrial revolution ended up many blue-collar industries. Machines could do a person’s job twice as fast and at a much lower cost.

This scenario has been constantly repeated through history and the present is no exception. While mass production and the machines that enabled it was a danger for our great-grandparents, what really worries us is AT.

Jobs that have been taken by technology

Technology means evolution, and evolution means changes. There are some jobs that have disappear or are about to do so due to technology.

1.Switchboard operator

2.Bowling alley pinsetter

3.Lift operator

4.Film projectionist


6.Bridge toll collector

7.Check-out cashier

8.Railway station ticket seller

9.Factory workers

The most endangered jobs are those of the blue-collar workers. This are those jobs which entail more physical work are more likely to be substituted by machines, as they normally entail repetitive movements that can be easily produced by a machine.

The widely spread thought that we seem to have inherited from our antecessors that technology is the enemy of any worker might not be such.

Our fears are true. Technology is about to take some industries and destroy a lot of jobs, but it will also create new ones.

The impact of Artificial Technology

Automation and artificial technology are going to transform the world as we know it. According to some studies, around 30% of human labor is going to be eliminated by this technology.

But there’s no need to worry about this. Whenever a door closes, a window opens. You only need to take a look at the data gathered through these 140 years of technology development. It is clear that technology creates more jobs than it destroys.

The aim of technology is to ease people’s life. And that’s what it has been doing since the industrial revolution.

The Creation of New Industries

If we take a look back, it is obvious that there are some traditional industries that have disappeared with the arrival of new technologies capable of doing the same job at a double speed.

But, if we pay close attention, we will also realize that together with the disappearance of old industries we can find the rise of new, technology-based industries.

AT entails the disappearance of some jobs (normally jobs that require a low qualification level) while creating some new highly-qualified positions. And we don’t have to wait for much to see it, as the future is already here.

Some of the most demanded, qualified jobs to work with AT are:

•Machine learning engineer
•Data scientist
•Research scientist
•R&D engineer
•Business intelligence developer
•Computer vision engineer

There is no need to fear technology or try to fight it. The most intelligent approach to these fears is trying to adapt yourself and your professional profile to the ongoing changes.
The world is constantly evolving, and we must live up to those changes.

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