Building A Gaming PC in 2017

gaming pc

A gaming PC is a personal computer created for the purpose of playing video games that are computationally demanding. It is also called gaming rig or gaming PC. Gaming PCs are popular among video game fanatics because they come with gaming designed components such as one or more high end video cards. The main difference between a gaming PC and a personal PC is that gaming PCs have higher end GPU card, also called graphics card.

Video games require extreme graphics performance, gaming PC has an edge over consumer PC. Since most consumer PCs can’t provide the graphics processing for high quality and expansive video games, they can’t deliver the same gaming experience as a gaming PC can.

A video game is an electronic game involving interaction between a human and a user interface that creates visuals in the video interface such as TV screen and monitors of computers. Display device can create two or three dimensional visuals. Among the new generation of kids, video games are popular leisure activity.

Some of the popular video games are Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Assassin’s creed, Batman Arkham Knight, Rise of Tomb Raider etc. Gaming PCs take video games to an all new level. You can build a gaming PC within a reasonable price.

For building a gaming PC, you need the following parts: CPU (central process unit), motherboard, storage, power supply, graphics processing unit and memory. Firstly you must decide what kind of CPU you are going to utilize for your system.

Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) are the two foremost manufacturers of CPU. CPU is the brain of the computer that controls the numerous tasks of the computer.

Next you need to decide which kind of motherboard best supports your processor. When considering a motherboard take due note of the RAM frequency, memory module type and the processor socket.

RAM enhances the performance of the computer so choose memory that meets your needs. Choose the RAM with highest clock speed which has the lowest timings possible. Buy enough memory so that the applications of the computer run smoothly.

Video card is the most vital part in building a gaming PC. ATI and NVIDIA are two most foremost video card companies. Sapphire and eVGA are other such video card making companies. Next is the hard drive storage.

Video games demand a lot of space for storage of large files that are required to run a gaming PC. For the best performance you need to get hard drive storage of at least 1 terabyte.

Also get a high speed SSD with up to 120 gigabytes. Finally, choose a power supply with 20-24 pin connectors.

Up next is completing your gaming PC system. Confirm that all the components are together in the case. Then you need to connect your PC to a television with high definition. Next, you need to connect console game controller to your PC.

For optimal performance of your gaming PC, avoid static electricity. Keep updating yourself through online discussions and bulletins. Now that you have assembled a gaming PC, you can get a full gaming experience.

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