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Net Neutrality: Is this a slippery slope

Net Neutrality is a huge topic these days. By definition it means: governments could mandate internet service providers irregardless of the content. It would be allowed to monitor ALL data from the internet. Deciding whether or not it is fit for the public.It would not discriminate between web-sites, content or any other facet of the web.

For instance, internet service providers could not charge for specific services, specific devices (iPhone/iPad) or intentionally block “tailored ads” for specific devices. The term “Net Neutrality” was coined by Tim Wu in 2003, a Columbia University Law professor.

Research suggests that a combination of “policy instruments” will help resolve the varied politics of the user. Because of the backlash by certain groups, this has all brought about the federal, state and local level governments to “police” and “regulate” broadband internet services as they would any public utility. Right? Or Wrong? In my opinion, Once the government starts even the most minute spot of censorship, then they will most certainly start “poking around” in other areas of our lives. I truly believe that everything that we do should not be monitored. The problem with this “Net Neutrality” ideal, is that EVERYONE has their own personal thoughts on Race, religion, sex, politics, etc. So what are we going to do next?

If everyone is “oh-so offended by what the other “thinks”, “feels” or “says” then perhaps “policing” the net is not the solution. Perhaps we should start with “policing” ourselves”. This society is so “hell-bent” on disagreeing with each other and dramatic “flare-ups” that we are opening a door for the government to step in and start treating us as immature children.

If this continues, then what part of our lives would actually be our’s? The whole “Ideal” of Net Neutrality is ridiculous. And the “Powers that Be” know that. It’s just another way to get all of us “up in arms” and bickering with each other. All the while they slip into another “forum” that’s all about taking over our lives. The government uses situation’s such as this too get more “involved” with the aspect’s of our daily lives. It is in essence a form of “subliminal control”.

In April of 2015, the FCC issued it’s “Open Internet Order. This order in effect meant the reclassification of the web. It became an “Information Service”. Guess what that made our internet? Yep, if you guessed a “Public Utility” than you guessed right on the money! Slick trick I think. And as we all know, if it has to do with the public interest’s, it must be properly monitored. On December, 14 of 2017, the act was partially overturned by Chairman Ajit Pai. If you ask me, the whole thing “reeks’ of stupidity. In all actuality folks, this bill is only there for one intention…to keep you under the constant watchful eye of our Government.

And to make HUGE amounts of cold, hard cash for the big companies that “OWN” these internet resources that we use everyday. This bill only stands in the way of Entrepreneurs. and helps keep an eye on us and what we do with our OWN lives on the “Net”. We should make sure that President Trump stand’s by our right’s as Americans, and our right to have Freedoms such as the internet without the constant “Parenting” of the government that is only making corporations more money keeping this policy in effect.

Podcasts – A Formidable Competitor for Mainstream Media

Podcasts- A formidable competitor for mainstream media

Why has podcasting taken off as alternative media compared to mainstream? This argument that has been going on
for almost the past decade has suddenly gained momentum and with good reason. Mainstream media is more or less controlled by corporate moguls and therefore, never unleash the unbridled truth. Their financial interests are often at odds with the information that demands sharing with the masses. This is the primary reason why so many people have started listening to the underground voices of today- the podcasts.

The rise and fall of podcasts

Let’s go back a decade, shall we? The podcasts were first introduced by Steve Jobs back in 2001. A novelty at the
time, it soon became a mini industry and a safe refuge for all the rebels and tech savvy youngsters of our time. Many television channels also began hosting podcasts- BBC Podcasts being a popular example. The popularity began to decline rapidly again by 2009. Why? Well, maybe we just got bored of it. Apart from “The American Life” topping iTunes charts, not much exciting was happening on the podcast front.

The Joe Rogan experience- The podcast revival

Just when podcasts had almost hit rock bottom of its decline, actor, comedian and sports commentator, Joe Rogan
began his very own live weekly audio/ video podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience” in December of 2009. The show was co-hosted and produced by Rogan’s friend, Brian Redban. This podcast was an instant hit and gained popularity among
listeners across the globe with spawning community of listeners in every continent. The show is still going strong with its 1000th episode aired in August, 2017.

In 2012, The Times magazine marked this podcast as the most popular podcast in the United States. It was
also voted as the best podcast by iTunes listeners in the same year. The podcast has also received the prestigious Stitcher Award for consistent Best show. With a staggering fan following of over 11 million listeners, this single
show turned the tables on podcast popularity for good. By October 2015, this popularity further bloomed to an astonishing 16 million listeners worldwide.

The Fighter and The Kid- the ultimate podcast revolution

Another example of the best podcast of its time is the Fighter and The Kid. This comedy podcast not only brought podcasting back in the game, it also single handedly revived the declining MMA industry. Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen are hosting this show- Brendan being a comedian and former MMA wrestler himself with Bryan following his lead as an actor and comedian.

The psychology behind it all

A good story captivates the mind regardless of the communication media- be it video, a text or a simple audio
file. It stimulates identical response in the brain. This is what Paul Zak, the kind director at the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University has to say.

During his research, he gauged people’s reaction after watching a series of audio/ video files. He found out
that when the human brain is under stress, it releases oxytocin in the blood. Oxytocin is known to invoke empathy and transports the listener or viewer right into the story.

No story is a good story unless it has you sitting at the edge of your sofa biting your fingers in tension. The
research also discovered that listeners are more reeled into the story when the characters’ emotions are described in narrative.

This is why podcasts gained so much popularity so quickly. The speakers finally got through to their listeners
and were able to invoke empathy in them. Empathy is what gets you hooked.

Conspiracy theorists and podcasts

With more and more people listening and spreading conspiracy theories, podcasters also began sharing such
information in their programs and gained immense fan following overnight. Anyone can say anything, make a podcast and put it up on iTunes. If what they’ve said grips the masses, well, there’s no turning back. There are no
sponsors associated with them and so the message is transmitted as is. No “we’ll be right back after the break” messages interrupt podcasts and this is what attracts so many people to them.

Why Do People Feel Differently About Online Piracy / Streaming / Downloading Compared To Stealing In Real Life?

Why Do People Feel Differently About Online Piracy / Streaming / Downloading Compared To Stealing In Real Life?

An interesting topic that has been widely discussed, but little seems to come out of the engagements. Most of us would confess having committed this “crime” once in a while and still feel comfortable about it. The question however remains, “why do people feel differently about online piracy as compared to real life theft?”

The truth is that many people would never dare steal from a movie store or library but would illegally download the same movies or books without a second thought. While many have come up with justifications or excuses as to why they are comfortable about stealing intangible goods, the fact remains, it is still illegal.

According to a study led by Robert Eres, a Monash University PhD student, many people find it hard to contemplate intangible goods and for that reason feel less guilty of online piracy, streaming and downloading. In the study, Eres and team wanted to know how guilty people felt when stealing tangible and intangible items. The results from the functional MRI scans indicated that the lateral orbital frontal cortex (part of the brain associated with guilt) was less activated when stealing intangible goods meaning they felt less guilty of the offence.

In their recommendation, Eres indicated that people need to be made really emotional and cognitively aware of what they are doing so that they can feel guilty of the offences.

It is illegal no matter how good it sounds- period!

Yet the solution to the problem doesn’t seem to come soon. Well, it may be because streaming, pirating and downloading are easy and the chance of being caught is low. After all, who doesn’t want to save a few coins here and there especially in these hard economic times? Many reasons and justifications have been made regarding this online offence that many people seem to enjoy. Some of the reasons include but not limited to;

· We are stealing from big entities-You ask many people and they will not feel sorry to realize a big business is making losses. After all they have a lot of money. What doesn’t cross the people’s minds is the fact that it is not the company that hurts in real sense of the owner but rather trickles down to its employees who are doing the editing and marketing.

· Authors already have enough money so they won’t feel guilty stealing a few coins from their pockets.

· Poor distribution channel- some would argue that it is better to download or stream that latest movie than wait for two months before you can access it in your local stores. People are never patient with distribution challenges so they would go to any extent to get the content they want irrespective of the means they use.

· Digital content is too expensive- though it can be agreed that some ebook- prices are absurd, it is totally wrong to get it without the owner’s consent. Think of that beautiful suit you wanted to buy from your local vendor but could not afford it, do you go ahead and steal it? No!

· Everyone else is doing it- simply because there are many people involved in an illegality, it doesn’t make it right. This is another common justification given by people who do online piracy, streaming and downloading all the time.

There are many other justifications given as to why many people involved in online piracy don’t feel guilty of the offence. The movie industry is a multi-billion dollar industry today, thanks for their ability to sell dreams; they have however completely failed to sell the narrative that piracy is more less the same as real life theft and that consumers ought to feel guilty of the offence.

The Top 5 Restaurants In The World To Eat At

Think about food day and night. You consider yourself a gourmet. There is nothing like for you. You could a whole plate of a lot of goodies all the time. In short you live for food. You have sampled many different cuisines across the world. You are actually the best judge of which restaurants are the best in the whole world. So, here is a list of the top five jobs across the world—

Noma, (Copenhagen, Denmark).

For three years Time Magazine voted this Danish landmark the best restaurant in the whole world. If you a fan of Nordic delicacies Noma is where you should go to.

First a word about the location of this place that Danes swear by. Quite uniquely this can be seen in a old warehouse where whales used to be kept. That’s true. Another inimitable aspect about the place is that the ingredients used to cook the food are from the region.

If you like experimenting with your food then you are in luck. A sea buckthorn is a dish. It does sound tasty. Let’s say you have always wanted deer meat. On menu there is something known as reindeer lichen.

Celler de Can Roca, Girona, Spain.

A famous Spanish restaurant owned by three brothers– chef Joan, sommelier Josep, and pastry chef Jordi. These three brothers have learnt their craft from their parents. It is one the most regal places in Europe to dine in.

When it comes to the food it is just to die for. That they are rated so highly is not surprising at all. If this is your first trip to Europe and you have read and heard about European food then begin your trip at Celler de Can Roca.

Some of the names of their dishes would amuse any customer. Soak in a starter called Eat the World where the cuisines from five different parts of the world can sit firmly in your mouth. If you are a football fan there’s Messi’s Goal. What you see here is a dish which features a pitch made out of candy with white chocolate balls. Some lucky guests are taken to a cellar.

Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy

In you like art and food this is the place for you. Abstract paintings from today and excellent food makes for a great combination.

One of their standout features are the mortadella sandwich. A succulent piece of meat can be seen in the form of sausage. If you like mousse then this place is perfect for you. Any Magnum fans would be overjoyed here. A must-see in this lovely town of Italy.

Eleven Madison Park, New York, USA.

One of New York city’s bright spots. The chef Daniel Humm, from Switzerland combines lots of great cuisines from Europe and the charm of New York and brings it out here.

They are pretty inventive as they serve a sturgeon with a bagel and guess what it tastes wonderful. If you are in the US make it a point to go here.

Dinner. London, England.

This can be seen in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in London. It has been dubbed as the United Kingdom’s best restaurant. Try the Salamugundy here.

Dining out is always a pleasure. In these five restaurants it is a must-have experience.

Is it Dangerous that Corporations Are Gathering To Fight Piracy?

Online piracy

Should piracy be treated as “theft”? And should consumers buying pirated content feel guilty or even be punished?

These are some of the common questions that lingers our minds when we hear about online piracy. Arguments against online piracy point at infringement of copyright laws that protects copyright holders. As such, reproducing, distributing, displaying and or performing such acts that are likely to impinge on the stipulated laws should be treated with contempt.

Indeed, piracy is a very big problem in the service industry. Under Netflix’s copyright law, piracy is treated and defined as an infringement and as a “theft”. In this context, “theft” entail unauthorized online downloading, distribution and display of materials that may include apps, movies and music.

Internet freedom

However, should internet freedom be taken into consideration when introducing any ant-piracy law? Proponents of internet freedom argue that any ant-piracy law limits the individual ability of consumers to freely express themselves and share various ideas. As such, by controlling or suppressing what people can access, share or view online is a direct infringement of internet freedom. The attempt by Netflix and other major websites to fight piracy is a direct suppression of the freedom to speech and communication that should be objected.

The U.S’s First Amendment Act clearly stipulates the inherent right of every citizen to free speech. Ant-piracy laws and copyrights limits this freedom to freely communicate. Instead, what these major sites should do is to establish the primary motivations of piracy. For instance, the prices requested by the sites maybe too high or consumers may require increased anonymity. Indeed, nothing can justify any act that may limit the freedom of online expression among consumers.

So, should there be limitations to internet freedom? Undoubtedly, defining what is acceptable and what is not under internet freedom can be challenging and controversial. Through the internet, people are exposed to extra-ordinary prospects accessing numerous ideas and freely expressing diverse opinions.

So, is Netflix and other major websites justified to fight piracy?

Different legal arguments have been fronted to oppose the description of piracy as a “theft” of intellectual knowledge. For example, in a particular case, the court argued that while piracy clearly infringed the exclusive rights of the copyright holders, no physical control or otherwise can be proved.

So, while Netflix’s idea of protecting copyrights should be commended, they should exploit other cheaper options rather than trying to stop piracy. For instance, Netflix and other major websites can make it easier for their customers who are willing to pay for their quality online content.

This may sound ridiculous, but the truth is that there will always be people trying to get illegal access to the contents. Therefore, blocking consumers from accessing online content delivery services should be considered a serious impediment to the internet freedom. These anti-piracy laws that supports the blocking of sites is an attempt to monopolize the supply of online content.

Of course no one should ever condone piracy, but punishing the consumers through unnecessary censorships is completely wrong. Netflix and other major websites should instead adapt to the changing world. They should also explore other relevant measures to control piracy other than limiting internet freedom.

Summarizing the Political Divide in the United States

America is on of the largest continents in the world and it becomes a very difficult task managing such a mammoth country as any decision that are made affect a lot people thus it is important that such decisions are made which are for the collective good. In such a mammoth country it is important that the decision makers are knowledgeable and they should understand the common problems that the public faces. Barack Obama was the last president of America and his span lasted for more than a decade, an able leader and he was a visionary. Since in America the most important personality is the president, America has had 45 presidents throughout its course of history. Donald J Trump is the current president of America and it is not wrong to say that some of his decisions have been widely criticized. Would it be correct to say that his decisions have created a political divide in the country?.

After starting his president ship on January 20,2017 he has made several decisions that have gained a lot of media attention and criticisms. A recent poll showed that almost 86%Americans believe that the country is suffering a political divide which could subdue anytime. This number was only a 46% when Barack Obama was the president but that number skyrocketed after appointment of Donald Trump as the president.He has made various decisions that have outraged the critics and many believe that if these decisions are continued to be taken America would soon be under a war and the president will be responsible for the same. Some of his decisions have earned a lot of criticism. Some of his most criticized decisions were when he gave her daughter her own office in the white house with security clearance which is not allowed for any white house official. He accused his predecessor Barack Obama for wire tapping his phone lines which was criticized by many. He defamed a US intelligence ally just to prevent his infallibility of his tweets. Instead of hosting the Japanese prime minister to the white house he had his nuclear strategy session in his private house since such houses cost millions of dollars for the public it was quite criticized by everyone. He also alleged the media to be the enemy to American people this comment was a subject of quite a lot criticism. He signed an international executive order that would prevent America for from following the strict rules regarding renewable energy sources. One of his other criticized step was when he allowed his senior advisor to criticize about CNN’s political coverage.

Since his appointment as the president of the nation president Trump has taken various decisions that have attracted a lot of criticisms and comments. It is highly feared that if such decisions are continued then he would wage a third world war with other countries. His popularity has decreased a lot because of such decisions and has undoubtedly created an a political divide between the population. It is healthy to have contradicting views in a country but only if it stays in a limit. If such decisions continue to be taken then it can be assured that the future of America is not in safe hands

Building A Gaming PC in 2017

gaming pc

A gaming PC is a personal computer created for the purpose of playing video games that are computationally demanding. It is also called gaming rig or gaming PC. Gaming PCs are popular among video game fanatics because they come with gaming designed components such as one or more high end video cards. The main difference between a gaming PC and a personal PC is that gaming PCs have higher end GPU card, also called graphics card.

Video games require extreme graphics performance, gaming PC has an edge over consumer PC. Since most consumer PCs can’t provide the graphics processing for high quality and expansive video games, they can’t deliver the same gaming experience as a gaming PC can.

A video game is an electronic game involving interaction between a human and a user interface that creates visuals in the video interface such as TV screen and monitors of computers. Display device can create two or three dimensional visuals. Among the new generation of kids, video games are popular leisure activity.

Some of the popular video games are Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Assassin’s creed, Batman Arkham Knight, Rise of Tomb Raider etc. Gaming PCs take video games to an all new level. You can build a gaming PC within a reasonable price.

For building a gaming PC, you need the following parts: CPU (central process unit), motherboard, storage, power supply, graphics processing unit and memory. Firstly you must decide what kind of CPU you are going to utilize for your system.

Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) are the two foremost manufacturers of CPU. CPU is the brain of the computer that controls the numerous tasks of the computer.

Next you need to decide which kind of motherboard best supports your processor. When considering a motherboard take due note of the RAM frequency, memory module type and the processor socket.

RAM enhances the performance of the computer so choose memory that meets your needs. Choose the RAM with highest clock speed which has the lowest timings possible. Buy enough memory so that the applications of the computer run smoothly.

Video card is the most vital part in building a gaming PC. ATI and NVIDIA are two most foremost video card companies. Sapphire and eVGA are other such video card making companies. Next is the hard drive storage.

Video games demand a lot of space for storage of large files that are required to run a gaming PC. For the best performance you need to get hard drive storage of at least 1 terabyte.

Also get a high speed SSD with up to 120 gigabytes. Finally, choose a power supply with 20-24 pin connectors.

Up next is completing your gaming PC system. Confirm that all the components are together in the case. Then you need to connect your PC to a television with high definition. Next, you need to connect console game controller to your PC.

For optimal performance of your gaming PC, avoid static electricity. Keep updating yourself through online discussions and bulletins. Now that you have assembled a gaming PC, you can get a full gaming experience.

Top 5 upcoming PC and console Games of 2017

2016 has best game releases constantly, including Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and additionally outside the box jewels like Firewatch and inside and the stunning Battlefield 1. As of late we invited 2017 and there effectively new titles are got reported here we will examine predominant forthcoming PC and support Games going to release in this year.

There is an extensive variety of title in this segment like in the event that you are searching for new console recreations than accessible decision are Nintendo Switch, going from luring spin-offs of interesting new thoughts. The following are a portion of the best up and coming games in 2017:

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard: Following to Resident Evil 6 prematurely delivered by betting everything on person on foot activity. Occupant Evil 7 going to release on January 24, 2017 and is returning with everything to what first unmistakable the arrangement. RE7 inspire the mind of fear and reckoning from the past games. The RE7 demos we’ve played have effectively terrified us (in a fine way), so now are empowered to perceive what sort of chilling alarms and first-individual challenge hold up in the full game. Additionally of note – it’s completely playable in VR, for that additional layer of fear.

For Honor: This will release on Feb 14 2017 and will keep running on stage like PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For Honor should be your in all likelihood round of 2017. For Honor accompanies 4v4 multi-player brawler Samurai, pits Knights, Vikings against each other in exciting duels crosswise over clamorous front lines. From what we’ve seen of it in this way, For Honor’s battle is absolutely great: each overwhelming hit or a second ago piece has a glaring impact to it, and the movement caught animations are exceptionally liquid and polished.

Halo Wars 2: Hero Wars 2 will releases on 21 Feb. 2017 and is keep running on stages, for example, Xbox One, PC. The wars in Hero Wars 2 propose something a piece diverse. Additionally, it’s one of the main some RTS games reachable on console. It accompanies the choices of multi-player up to six plays can play at once with the goal that will get genuinely energetic. There is additionally another foe sort to battle the Banished – and everything happens on a forerunner establishment responsible for making the Halo rings, so will be pressed with tempting convention.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: This game will go to begin on walk, 7 2017 and will ready to run o stage, for example, PS4, Xbox One, PC. Apparition Recon Wildlands is a more lined, obvious truth go up against group based military operations. The vital fighting happens in cutting edge Bolivia this time roughly.

Mass Effect: Andromeda: It will come into view on March 21 2017 and will ready to keep running on stage, for example, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It get to be distinctly unmistakable the story will take us on a trip to attempt to locate another living arrangement for mankind.

These are just the main 5 forthcoming PC and console games of 2017. How about we trust, we can have more awesome PC and console games in the year of 2017. Enjoy the New Year and new games!

The 5 best places to travel in the world

unique and memorable travel experience is the most ideal way to spend the holidays and other special occasions. Depending on the available time or budget, there are many decent options to consider. Be it pristine sandy beaches or a backpacking mountain experience, here are The 5 Best Places to Travel.

Eiffel Tower, France


France is truly a magical place known for its cuisine, art and magnificence. The Eiffel tower is its most distinguished structure and the tallest. It was built in 1889 and goes over 1000 feet up making it an ideal spot to view the City in all its glam. It remains the most visited paid tourist attraction in the whole world. A streamlined transport network allows easy access to and fro the venue. If heights are a major issue, it may be best to consider other alternatives other than scaling the summit.

Karnak Temple complex, Egypt


Major attractions such as The Sphinx, Pyramids of Giza and the Temple of Amun are all located in this complex. Explore Africa’s heritage as one of the cradles of civilization with impressive architectural and cultural endowment that is recognized the world over. The journey to Luxor where the site is located is bedecked with amazing scenery which will definitely capture the imagination to the spectacular adventure. Relive the ancient days of glory by visiting this amazing world wonder that never ceases to amaze.

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil


Rio is definitely among Brazil’s top exports to the world. An understated yet bizarre attraction is its lush rainforest better known as the Amazon. Home to the world’s largest and complex biodiversity reserve, it offers miles of unperturbed nature trails with amazing sights. Fauna and flora is simply eye candy paradise especially for nature lovers and backpack enthusiasts. It is advisable to travel prepared with all the essentials of the outdoors such as bug repellent.

Tortuga Bay, Galapagos


The setting is of clean fairly isolated sandy beach with lush greenery along the beach. Marine life, birds and a host of the legendary iguanas bring the talcum powder grade sand beach to life. While many of the worlds’ best beaches are frequented with hordes of tourists that flock the area, this is a much welcome exception that gives any eager explorer peace of mind with its tranquility.

Okavango Delta, Namibia


With the title of the world’s largest inland delta, this is definitely a worthwhile consideration. Uganda’s highland water channels fan out into a beautiful swamp complex that covers a large area in Kalahari Desert plains in Botswana. Much of this habitat remains free from human encroachment hence encouraging the myriad of island, lakes, channels and lagoons to provide a unique ecosystem for wildlife. The combination of scenery, wildlife and land forms is somewhat the material that a fantasy consists of.

When it comes to having a great time with loads of photo friendly moments to choose from, these places a good bet that any globe trotter will be especially pleased to explore first hand. Every great adventure has to begin at least with some idea of the available options.

Beautiful Places To Travel In The United States

Where are some cool unconventional places you can take your family for travelling in the United States?

Sometimes most of us just want to go somewhere a little hidden to spend time together with family. It may be during a holiday, a family anniversary or just any special occasion to get away from conventional city life and have some memorable moments as a family. Being one of the most populated countries in the world, the United States has a lot of beautiful places for such occasions. But it is not every time one wants to go somewhere very popular. There is always more enthusiasm and expectation when travelling to a new place with your family. However you don’t want to end up visiting a place that will spoil your family holiday experience or turn out to be a complete disaster. We intend to play a part in making sure you travel to the coolest unconventional places in the United States with your entire family. Below are some excellent destinations for family travels.

Tanque Verde Ranch

tanque verde ranch

Want to become a real cowboy? If you desire some cowboy experience with your kids, then you should visit Tanque Verde Ranch. The little cowboy community is situated in Tucson which is located in Arizona State. Get ready to explore the Arizona desert travelling in a western way; on a horse. You and your family will get the chance to hear some of the greatest stories of the west from experienced wranglers on ground. Your children will not be exempted from the fun because they organize horse riding programs to teach kids between 4 and 12 how to saddle and ride on a horse properly. Your children would have become better horse riders by the time you are travelling back from your adventure. Other activities you can do with your family include fishing, swimming, biking and hiking. There are also basketball courts and tennis tables everywhere for sport lovers including a spa for relaxation. In the end you should expect to have had a good taste of western life when you return home with your family. There is no better way to fulfil your old west dreams.

Oak Creek Canyon

oak creek canyon

It seems Arizona is the only unconventional place to travel to. Anyway, the truth still remains that it has some of the coolest locations for family trips. Oak Creek is situated very close to Sedona and Flagstaff, all in northern Arizona. It is a cool shady spot with a beautiful picturesque of water everywhere. There are many cabins and B&BS to accommodate any size of family. Oak Creek also have some campgrounds to do camping with your family or you can visit the Anasazi ruins. Other things to do include, swimming in the creek, fishing, hiking, shopping, site seeing or you can all spend time at the gallery viewing some ancient artifacts.

Outer Banks

outer banks

Another cool unconventional place to travel to in the United States is the Outer banks which is located in North California. The few tourist attractions there make it a wonderful place to create some lasting family memories. You can rent a beach house with a swimming pool to relax with your household. You will find some good restaurants around to have tasty meals with your family. The beach is not usually crowded which makes it a good destination for those who want some solitude with their folks. You can check out the aquarium; buy sea food; visit the Mustangs and so on. If you want, you can also visit nearby places like Rodanthe and Nags Head with your family.

Deer Isle

deer isle

Deer Isle probably offers the most wonderful experience in Maine. If you want to enjoy the wonders of life, then a trip to Deer with your family is probably what you need. For the best experience with your family, you can rent a cottage. Due to many tourist attractions in Maine, the place is normally crowded. It has a beautiful with an interesting artists’ community. Thus you should expect to come across a lot of art works which you can buy for your amusement. The Au Haut and Cute Shops in Stonington are some of the places you can explore with your family.